This adorable hound didn’t expect this to be inside! The most darling surprises hidden by owner!

Doggies love considering things. It’s part of their nature. Also, I think that they know that the saying is “Curiosity Killed the Cat” and not “Curiosity Killed the Dog.” I even named my dog Question because she was considering EVERYTHING when she first came home. Snoopy and Nosey were overused, so voila! Question was born. Question never found anything as cute as what this puppy in the video sees.

He walks into a room because he probably heard noise. There’s a box in the room and he wanders over. At first, he sees that there’s a mama cat in there. OK, cool. A cat. Nothing too out of the ordinary. Then he sees a bunch of things wiggling around in the box next to the mama cat. Whoa. Are they black, furry worms? No… they are kittens! COOL! Got to get closer now! He’s enthralled with the kittens.

Let’s be honest… if we walked by a box full of kittens, we would drop everything we were doing and just sit and watch them. There’s a reason that 24/7 animal cams are popular. It’s a shame that this video is so short, because I could easily see 22 hours of those little kitties. “Yeah. It’s going to be a while until I come home, honey. I’m looking at these kittens in a box. Really? OK, I’ll text you the address so we can all look…”

There’s just something about kittens that are mesmerizing. Especially the newborns. They look so different than what they turn into as adults. Every cat was a cute kitten at one time. At least that’s what I have remind myself of when one of my two cats shred a tablecloth or hurks up another hairball. They were kittens once. Then I imagine myself looking into a box and seeing them as a kitten. I envy the dog in this video.

I couldn’t get enough of this video. What about you? How many times did you click ‘replay?’ Let us know in the comment section below!