Adorable Husky Shows What’s It Like To Come Home To A Canine Best Friend.. So Cute!

I can feel my heart melting after watching this video. They say that a dog is a man’s best friend, but you never really understand or appreciate it until you notice the cute things they do like welcoming you home enthusiastically, like how Gohan does in this video.

If you have a dog, you’ll understand what it means to come home to one. The excited barks, licks, happy jumps – they all communicate that they’re soooooo happy to see you and have missed you so much! Even though you’re probably gone for the day or a few hours, their excited welcome will make you feel like you’ve been away for ages!

This video shows what it’s like to come home to a Siberian Husky named Gohan. A little naughty, this dog sometimes sits on his human’s bed or comes to the door to greet his human, tail a-wagging. Can you count how many times he’s caught sitting on his human’s bed? Write to us in the comments section below and see if you’re right!

From Monday to Friday, this dog shows a wide array of responses, some of which will just melt your heart. I mean, look at his expressive eyes and tell me you didn’t just feel a piece of your heart break off and flow to Gohan.

I love this video because it shows how much a dog loves his human, and what good friends the both can be, if love and affection is shown. True friendship has no boundaries, and the loving relationship these guys share is truly heart warming.

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