Adorable and incredibly thoughtful toddler caught praying on nanny cam

Motivating yourself to be a good person may be what matters most, regardless of what religion you follow or if you don’t follow any religion at all. For people who do ground their morality in religion, prayer is often a very important part of their spirituality. Prayer features in the beliefs and practices of a diverse array of the world’s religions. It can be highly ritualized or rather informal and can involve an entire congregation or be an individual act. Often, a person who prays is directly asking the deity to grant some need of theirs or intercede on their behalf or for someone else. Alternatively, prayer can serve as a means of reinforcing beliefs and attitudes rather than a direct conversation with a higher power; in a sense, a kind of meditation or contemplation.

Young though she is, the child you’ll see in the video posted below, is already quite accomplished when it comes to prayer. One evening, her parents tucked her in, expecting that she’d soon nod off to sleep. But after awhile, they heard noises coming from the baby monitor. Listening more closely, they were astonished by what they heard and saw on the nanny cam: the little girl, lying there in her crib was praying!

Children are often a bit egotistical and selfish, focused squarely on their own wants and desires. You might imagine that a kid who was praying would likely ask for an entire store worth of toys or ice cream sundaes for dinner for the next year or two. But what was really remarkable about this 2 year-old girl’s conversation with God was that she was praying for the well-being of a long list of family members.

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