Adorable Kinkajou Goes To See Doctor Ross To Prevent The Terrible Twos

When Doctor Ross at Cy-Fair Animal Hospital gets a visit from Rafiki the Kinkajou, it’s clear he’s in for a cuteness overload. Rafiki’s dad wants to make sure they prevent something Kinkajous experience called the terrible twos. Doctor Ross performs a procedure that should keep Rafiki in tip-top shape for years to come.

Kinkajous are exotic mammals related to raccoons. Rafiki is a particularly adorable member of the species who was brought in by his dad to visit Doctor Ross at the Cy-Fair Animal Hospital. His dad is concerned that Rafiki might hit what they call the terrible twos, where male Kinkajous get territorial and aggressive.

Doctor Ross offers to neuter Rafiki in order to stave off this period of bad behavior before it happens. Since Rafiki was only ten months old, it’s the perfect time to perform the operation. Once he recovers, Rafiki is back to his old spritely self, and even receives a peppermint treat from his dad.