This Adorable Kitten Just LOVES To Cuddle Up With Her Best Friend!

There is a plethora of absolutely adorable interspecies friendship videos on the internet.  I am so very grateful for this category of videos because, honestly, there is just something inherently beautiful upon discovering unlikely duos interacting. Seeing adorable creatures get friendly, no matter the barriers imposed by nature is uplifting and inspiring, it makes us want to borrow a page from their book. Also, most of the time these videos feature incredible cute animals and who doesn’t love videos of cute animals?

There are plenty of examples, like goats getting along with hens, or the famous trio of roommates, the bear, tiger and lion that lived together. However the following story really is a unique tale of friendship.

You need to check out this tiny little kitten and her best mate, a fawn! Watch as these two critters decide to just sniff each other, and once they gain mutual trust, just lay down to sleep and cuddle together! They both share space at a wildlife sanctuary, the kittens is a fulltime resident while the fawn is just receiving temporary care to recover from a leg injury!

It’s sad to think that they will eventually have to part ways, but in the meantime we all have this adorable memory to remember the spirit of their friendship!

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