This Adorable Labrador One Ups His Master During Bath Time! Watch As He Steals The Hose!

I am a huge fan of Labradors; they are an exceedingly loyal and noble. These pups are very easygoing and have great intelligence. Their warms personalities have made them extremely popular in several places around the globe such as: USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.  Because these dogs are so skilled at understanding us, they are used as guide dogs for both the blind and the autistic.  The even collaborate with law enforcement!

The following video features an adorable Labrador that is being bathed by his master. They are both obviously having fun; however you won’t believe what this pup has in store for his human! He somehow manages to take the hose from Dad, and then he begins an epic chase that has both Mom and me cracking up hysterically. No matter where Dad runs or hides, the dog is always one step behind. Before you know it, Dad is completely soaked!

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