Adorable Little Kitten Discovers The Selfie Camera. The Internet Will Never Be The Same

Just imagine you were a tiny kitten still trying to figure out the world when you saw the “other cat” in a mirror. Let’s put a modern-day twist on it and pretend you’re seeing yourself on the screen of a cell phone with a front-facing camera.

Cellphones have come a long way since the first model came out over 40 years ago. That one was about the size of a hardcover book and all it did was phone calls. That’s it. Through the 1980s, not much changed. But then cell phones got a lot smaller in a hurry. In the last decade the smartphone has become ubiquitous. It’s the ultimate Swiss Army Knife: you can browse the web, take photos, play games, and, oh, yes, make phone calls, too. But for our narcissistic society, one camera wasn’t enough! So they added a front-facing camera, the better for people to take selfies. The front-facing camera has more practical uses, too. For instance, it can serve as hand mirror: if you’re worried about how your hairdo or make-up look, just turn the phone on.

And this brings us to one more useful thing cell phones can do for us: take cute videos of kittens! Alex is an adorable little foster kitten who discovered the front-facing cell phone camera. And now the old “other cat in the mirror” trick can be recorded and posted to the internet, delighting millions. Alex takes a good look at herself and seems to understand just how cute she is. We don’t really know, but it’s possible this intelligent and bright-eyed little kitten saw her humans taking selfies and began mimicking their behavior.

We’ve posted the unbelievably cute video of this adorable little feline making good use of a high-tech mirror.

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