An Adorable Little Monkey Get A Ride From His New Friend!

Animals give us a direct view of just how far can kindness go into breaking boundaries.  All over the world there are amazing stories of unlikely friendships, symbiotic relationships and mainly just how the power of love can break through any limitation.  For example, there are instances in which mothers from other species adopt other baby animals, like Koko the gorilla that just loves cats. She especially loves to cuddle cute little kittens! There is also the story about an adorable dog and fox that became friends in the forest, just like the Disney movie!

Today’s little furry friends also have a great heart-lifting experience to share.  These absolutely adorable squirrel monkeys share their enclosure with Capybaras (the extremely cute, huge rodents, which you can see in the video below) at the zoo in Saitama, Japan. This was a relationship never before seen in a natural environment, caretakers did not know what to expect.  After a few weeks, they noticed something amazing, the capybaras were given the cute little squirrel monkeys rides on their backs!

You won’t believe just how close and friendly they are!  You’ll definitely crack up when you see how easily these monkey move around their enclosure thanks to their new friends!

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