These Adorable, Matching Pooches Are Going For A Sledding Party. What They Do? I Can’t Stop Laughing!

When it comes to our pets we just can’t get enough of them. We simply adore them and want the whole world to know just how amazing our animals are. From the minute we bring them home for the first time they are a part of our family and we expect everyone to treat them as such, because after all they are our fur babies.

Maybe that is the reason why so many pet owners go above and beyond for their beloved fur babies. We make sure we buy them the best food, the most comfortable beds and an endless supply of treats and toys. Often time we are guilty of putting them before ourselves and we honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. As long as they are healthy and happy than so are we.

Well this is definitely a video that shows the love that these owners have for their precious dogs. This family decided to add a little twist to a tradition that many of us partake in every year around the holidays. They decided to not just send out holiday cards but to have their beloved pooches featured on them.

This video shows all four pugs dressed in gray and pink and settled on a sled, all primped and primed, ready for their close up. After the picture is taken their owner then pushing them around in the sled so that they can get a feel for what it really feels like to go sledding. This is a family that clearly loves their dogs and has a very close relationship with them.

We just hope that we are able to have this much fun this holiday season as this family is having just taking their Christmas card picture! We wish we could get a copy of this one that’s for sure!

Watch this adorable video and let us know what you thought of the matching outfits these pooches were wearing. As always please feel free to share this video with your family and friends on social media.

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