This Adorable Newborn Goat Gets So Excited by Exploring, He Makes an Adorable Dance!

There’s nothing like a cute animal to brighten our day. And amongst those adorable animals, baby goats are definitely at the very top. Their cute little legs and horns, the way they jump and skip around, and the sounds they make; they are just endless sources of fun and cuteness. ike the one in the video we put just below for you. A very small baby goat shows us his incredible happy dance, and it will win your heart over in an instant.

When the clip was recorded, this goat was only a few days old. But goats learn very fast when they’re young, and at this baby state he was already able to jump and dance without any trouble. He already loves running and exploring everything around him, and he gets so excited by it than he shakes his whole body in a happiness dance that will prove to be contagious for you. He’s the most adorable thing you’ll see all day, I guarantee.

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