Adorable Parrot Notices a Paper Towel On The Floor, Then Has The Most Hysterical Freak Out Ever.

For us humans, the magic of youth, with its fun, carefree attitude, wanes with the passing years. But for our animal friends, that’s often not the case at all. Instead, they retain their curiosity about the world around them, sometimes even experiencing a sense of wonder. This is just one more thing that makes our pets a lot of fun and also so cute and lovable.

The star of the video we’ve posted for you below is a Caique parrot named Little Bird. Caiques are somewhat unusual among parrots in that they aren’t particularly good at flying. They much prefer using their strong legs to get around by hopping, jumping, or climbing whenever possible. Caiques are notably playful, and have a penchant for rolling over on their backs while having a session with a toy; this is known as “wrestling.” Between their playfulness and their ability to form strong bonds with people, it’s hardly surprising that Caiques are popular pets.

When Little Bird feels rambunctious, it doesn’t take much to get him going. In this case, it was nothing more than a piece of paper towel. It has him all excited and dancing for joy. The way he hops around the kitchen floor with his paper towel is beyond cute. He does some genuinely impressive high step moves, adds some sound effects with his voice and keeps the beat by clicking his talons against the floor. He hops up and down like a maniac before he’s reduced to rolling over on his back and “wrestling” with his incredible new toy. You can find fancy and fun toys at the pet store, but sometimes a simple household object is best of all!

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