Adorable playdate between a dog and a kid gives everybody a contagious smile.

If you bring a new child into your house having a pet dog can be a delicate situation, so it’s normal to feel a little nervous or anxious regarding this new relationship. You start to wonder how these two will react in the presence of each other and the only thing that worries you is that everybody gets along well. Another important issue to consider in these cases is safety, you wish for the health of the baby to remain intact in a shared environment with the doggie.

There are a few things that can be done in order to prepare your mascot before the baby arrives, you don’t want him to misbehave jumping around while you are carrying him as this could be a very dangerous situation. One of the things you could do is to practice his manners with a doll, rehearse every activity that you normally would do with the baby such as feeding him, changing his diaper or go out for a drive and let a close friend in charge so he can adapt to the presence of a new person in the house, many dogs have never been around kids so this technique could help quite a lot.

But fortunately, in many opportunities our canine friends have proved that they are very friendly and protective with our children, sometimes they grow so attached to them that they never want to leave their side and more importantly they enjoy making each other happy. Take the example of Pumpkin a playful Shetland sheepdog and his baby brother, every time they get a chance these two partners play for hours and how could this be more perfect? A baby boy and a doggie, they are both full of energy so it’s very unlikely they will get tired easily.

Can you guess what their favorite game is? I’ll give you a hint, is a game involving three or more players where you need to find the other persons in an attempt to touch them with your hands. You got it! This game is called “Tag”.

It turns out that Pumpkin runs around the coffee table located in the living room and then sits, waiting patiently for the baby to find him. After a few seconds when the baby spots the doggie, he immediately starts to laugh out loud almost like saying “I got you there, tag you are it” Pumpkin barks and then run away in circles to start all over again, how adorable that is. We can say that this is one of the best playdates for sure; thank God mommy and daddy had the chance to put everything on film.

If you want to watch this adorable playdate just click play on the video below and enjoy the cutest couple ever. Don’t forget to share and leave your comment.