A day in the life of an adorable pony couple named Albert and Ernie

Pony couple named Albert and Ernie

Albert and Ernie are two adorable ponies who live lives that are not unlike our own. They do chores, run errands, play cards, and even go camping from time to time.

In this video, we get to take a sneak peek into what their day usually looks like. It starts with them doing the laundry. We see Albert run a cycle on his washing machine before taking them out to dry.

He then takes his truck out to get some supplies from the local store. The way it’s shot, it really does look like Albert is driving himself to the store.

We then see both Albert and Ernie “on call for first aid.” They have their first aid kits strapped to their backs when they come across a person lying “unconscious” on the grass.

Pony couple named Albert and Ernie

Albert proceeds to give this human “CPR”, complete with chest compression and some life-giving kisses. From here, they go to the train station, where they get their tickets and board a train to the countryside.

When they reach, they get a glorious spa day before setting up their tent for the evening. They then sit back and enjoy a relaxing evening by the fireside, playing cards and enjoying each other’s company.

The video was uploaded by Emma Massingale, a professional horse trainer who has built up quite a large following of 137K Youtube subscribers by sharing cute and funny videos such as this one.

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