Adorable porcupine (yes, porcupine) won’t share corn, makes hilarious noises

Suppose someone asked you to think of a cute animal. Perhaps kittens, puppies, or bunnies would come to mind. You surely wouldn’t snap your fingers and say, “Oh, of course! A porcupine!”

And why would you? A porcupine’s thousands of sharp quills aren’t exactly an invitation to pick one up, give it a hug and say, “Oh, you’re such a cute porcupine!” Should you encounter a porcupine in the wild, that’s exactly what you shouldn’t do. Keeping your distance is a matter of respect, common sense, and ultimately self-interest! The quills, about 30,000 of them, normally rest flat and serve to keep the porcupine warm, rather like fur. It’s when a porcupine feels threatened that they stick out, making it look larger and more frightening and (should this warning fail) enabling the quills to come loose more easily.

For all the pain a porcupine can inflict, they really can be cute. Proof of this is a porcupine named Teddy Bear, a resident of Zooniversity, a wildlife sanctuary and educational center near Dallas. He was just a little orphan when he was rescued and since then, his caretaker Allison has built an amazing bond with him (lots of treats help win over a porcupine). Sweet potatoes are Teddy Bear’s favorite food, but as you’ll see in the video posted below, he gets pretty excited about corn on the cob, too. When Allison gives him half an ear, Teddy Bear takes hold of it and eagerly munches away while making incredibly cute porcupine noises. At one point she suggests he might want to share and pretends she’s going to take it from him. You’ll swear he says, “My corn!”

Little wonder, then, that this video has over 8 million views. This orphaned porcupine now has a fan base that would be the envy of almost any YouTuber!

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