This Adorable Pup Just Won’t Go To Sleep. But When He Confronts His Owner? I Can’t Stop Laughing!

They are known as one of the best friends any person can have. And with good reason! Since they are so friendly, fun, and most of all loyal. They are like little children who never want to grow up, and they seek attention and love constantly, just like them. They can be very messy when they argue, too. Just look at the video we brought to you today. In it, you will see a dog that acts more like a big baby, and it’s just adorable.

Sometimes, children just don’t want to go to sleep, even if they have to. And just like that, this cute French Bulldog pup just doesn’t care about bedtime. Instead, he starts complaining to his owner and throwing a big hissy fit when she wants to put him to bed. When you hear the cute little noises than he makes when he gets upset, you won’t be able to avoid making a whimper yourself. It just so cute! And what happens next, almost at the end? My heart melts!

You can watch this amazing family moment between pet and caretaker, right below. How did you like this video? Share your opinions and thoughts with us in the comments.

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