Adorable pup plays with a magnificent butterfly

Little puppies usually play with their brothers and sisters. But the pup in this video has found a friend butterfly.

This adorable puppy has made the day of thousands of people worldwide. He has brought at least a slight smile to every person who has watched the one-minute video.

The little guy was chilling outside when he caught the attention of a butterfly. You can see the pup lying on the ground playing with the butterfly.

But of course, the doggy has no intentions of hurting the butterfly. The butterfly doesn’t have such meanings as well. They simply enjoy each other’s company.

The puppy looks just like a human baby playing. We are thankful to thoughtful people like Lúcia Kohl Dalmolin, who share such magnificent videos online.

Nobody said that different species couldn’t be friends. Dogs, for example, usually make friends with cats if they live together, even though they are known to be enemies.

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Adorable pup plays with a magnificent butterfly