This Adorable Puppy And Bay Combo Are Having A Conversation! I’m Bursting Out Laughing!

There is a universal truth, interspecies friendships are adorable! However there is one particular combination that is absolutely adorable and irresistible, I’m sure not even the Grinch would be able to keep a straight face against the sheer sweet power of a baby dog and a human infant interacting. The video below is proof of this exactly!

This adorable Shortie puppy named Wicket is headstrongly expressing some very serious concerns to baby Sophie. Sophie is occupied with crawling and exploring everythin in awe, but eventually little Wicket does get through to her. The infant happily gurgles back some replies, but this little dog is not satisfied with her answer, seemingly! Watch as a Shortie puppy named Wicket has a deep conversation with Baby Sophie. Sophie’s parents believe that she is a natural dog whisperer, and after seeing these two interact in the video below, I have to say I agree. Baby Sophie crawls on the carpet and has a lot of words to say to her best friend.

Do yourself a favor and check out this endearing banter, it is priceless to see the amount of chemistry that dogs and humans have innately. Also, it’s extremely heartwarming to see baby Sophie wholeheartedly enjoying Wicket’s attention. These two are going to be inseparable!

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