Adorable Puppy Can’t Stay Awake, And He Falls Asleep On His New Human Friend! AWW

I think that’s enough; we can call it a day now. We’ve found the cutest video on the internet, and we brought it today to show it just for you. I could not believe it when I saw it; I almost wanted to scream from the sheer cuteness. First, we see a very small child napping very calmly, and a puppy making guard right next to him. The little pup is still very young and tiny, and just by watching him I’m already enough. But I never expected to see what he did next!

The puppy still has his collar and his leash put on, even though inside the house, so it looks like the pup had just came back from a walk when this video was recorded, and he’s clearly very tired after a long day of being an adorable puppy. When he notices the baby sleeping soundily, he can’t help it but fall asleep as well right there! He struggles to keep his eyes open for a minute, and that enough is adorable by itself, but what he does when he finally gives in to the sleep? It’s just too cute to be real!

Watch him for yourself right below, your heart will melt for sure!


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