Adorable Shiba Inu Is Quite Proud of His Barks and Shows It. Mama Asks if He Could Be Quieter, and WOW.

The construct of a “meme” used to be simple: put a picture together with a caption. That’s pretty much the most basic way of understanding what components comprised together equal a meme. A bit of a deeper understanding would be to say, memes are a way to share your culture in funny or sometimes unfunny ways. To have an idea or behavior that could be universally related to or learned by anyone. One key example for this article, would be the “Doge” meme.

The “Doge” meme stars another Shiba Inu looking surprised, but oh so natural. (To pronounce, it sounds like a dragging of the g to e with no hard g sound. (Doe-shze) Thus it’s internet popularity relating to this other very adorable, very spunky Shibe named Mame.

Mame gets the warmest greeting from his loving mom. It seems only appropriate for him to be loud, proud and strong in his greeting back. Something for mom to be proud of, you know. And WOW. What a bark this pup has on them. Very loud, to the point that even Mom thinks it’s too loud. In her kindest, gentlest voice she asks if he could bark softer. Without missing a beat, this attentive hound follows her request. But wow, he really must have some lungs! His bark is quite piercing, something you’d expect from a Japanese hunting dog. And again, Mom asks for him to decrease the volume. Then he did something I honestly didn’t see coming.

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