Adorable Shih Tzu Climbs Down the Stairs for His First Time, Family Comes to Help

Any pet parent recognizes this rite of passage for their young animal: Successfully navigating the stairs for the first time.

Sometimes, the best thing you can give is a little bit of tough love, in order to help out someone who really needs it. This video is a perfect example of that.

Two puppies, named Reese and Charlotte, are both adorable and as cute as you could imagine, but they have a very obvious difference. Even though they’re siblings and they’ve lived in the same house since they were born, they have a bit of trouble while trying to get down a flight of stairs.

After a few tries, Charlotte seems to be ahead in the race down. However, for Reece, the matter isn’t too easy at all. He’s too shy to come down all by himself, so his mom needs to kindly come and help him this time. He’ll have to learn this later, she figured!

So she gives her help to show him how to do it. And even the cat comes to give a little bit of a show, too! The whole family got together to help out this adorable puppy, and with this kind of support, he’ll get down to the first floor in no time!

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