This Adorable Stray Dog Busts Out Some Hilarious Moves After Hearing A Good Beat! LOL!

Dogs are very active animals, they enjoy the outdoors, running, fetching things and learning a wide variety of tricks. However the main thing that makes the human dog bond so resilient is that dogs are able to understand us and even share our same tastes for entertainment. See, in the following video you’ll meet a dog that prefers bouncing rhythmically rather just going after a ball!

Watch as this black car pulls up to the curb with the speakers blaring with music. This happy neighborhood dog happened to be wandering around nearby, and the amazing beat coming from the black car’s stereo, made this adorable stray bust a move. The cute dog couldn’t help but break out some hilariously awesome dance moves.

This charming stray definitely enjoys a good beat and he decides to show it by dancing! I am cracking up watching this little guy slay with his interpretation of the music. As an aside it is always wonderful to see ways in which music becomes a universal language amongst the many species that populate earth!

Check out this little guy’s appreciation of a good song and prepare to be infected by the drive to dance!

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