Adorable Street Hug By Two Toddlers

Friendship is like a flower that blooms in every heart. There is nothing better than to have a friend that you can have fun with and share your happy or sad feelings with them. If your friend goes away for a few days, you surely feel like there is an empty space in your heart. And when your friend comes back, your heart is filled with joy.

A hug is the most beautiful way to greet a friend who you haven’t seen for a few days. Imagine walking down the street one day and seeing your friend in the distance, coming from the other side. Two small toddlers meet on the street after many days away from each other. Their meeting is a heartwarming one.

Two little boys see one another on the street and run towards each other. Their arms outstretched, and they say to each other, “My Friend” over and over again. They give each other a big hug and smile at each other. One asks the other about the toy he is holding, then they both run off together, squealing with glee.