Adorable “super pack” of doggos find their human camouflaged in the woods

Dogs in the woods

Most of us enjoy the company of one or two dogs at home. But imagine how exciting it would be a “super pack” of dogs on a farm. This is the story of Uncle Luke.

Uncle Luke owns a dog daycare farm where he houses many different breeds of dogs. He has German Shepherds, Pugs, Labradors, Boxers, and many more. All the dogs have fun together, and Uncle Luke tries to keep them entertained through different activities.

Recently, a storm in the area where a flash of lightning had burned down a tree on the farm. However, that did not stop Uncle Luke from involving his lovely dogs in a day filled with fun activities. He chose a day for the activities after the storm had subsided.

Dogs in the woods

He decided to play hide and seek with his dogs, in which he camouflaged himself and hid amongst the many trees and bushes in his farmland. The dogs were asked to hunt him down. The pack raced all across the farm, and soon Uncle Luke was discovered.

Later during the same day, Uncle Luke decided to introduce a water ball playing activity for his beloved dogs in the pool. He kept throwing the massive ball in the water, and the dogs kept pouncing on it playfully. Seeing this, Hercules, the Labrador puppy, also overcame his fear of water and jumped in to participate in the game.

The same day Uncle Luke with his pack decided to celebrate Nala’s birthday party. There was a delicious chicken cake for Nala, and all her dog friends were present at the party. The party was organized beside a fireplace since it was a chilly night.

Although Uncle Luke got really tired by the end of the day, the dogs were still energetic and craving more fun. So, they kept on playing with each other around the farm while Uncle Luke took a breather.

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