Adorable Swamp Rabbit Caught on Camera Swimming for the First Time

We all know how adorable bunnies and rabbits can be. Deep in the swamps of Missouri, there’s a species of rabbit that you likely haven’t seen before. Below you’ll be able to watch the unique swamp rabbit take a swim for the first time in history.

Swamp rabbits look very similar to other species of rabbit that you may see in your backyard. With a bushy tail and big, floppy ears, they sure do look cute. They live in brush and under trees alongside murky swamps in the midwest.

There you’ll also find snakes, possums, turtles, and other wildlife. Swamp rabbits are much larger than different types of bunnies. This allows them to have enough muscle and buoyancy to be able to swim in the water comfortably.

These cuties spend time in the water to look for food, find mates and steer clear of predators. They’re so shy that we’ve never seen them swim before until now. As long as there’s water nearby, swamp rabbits will continue to thrive.