This adorable, tiny orphaned foster puppy absolutely loves the luxury of bath time

There are few things as nice as spa-like sauna, hot tub, or massage treatments. These moments of pampering are an extra special treat for us when we could use a pick-me-up. Sometimes, even a simple at-home treatment can do the trick.

While many of us can hop in the tub or take a nice, steaming shower whenever we desire, there are animals who don’t even know the simple luxury of receiving a regular shampooing. It can be extremely difficult for abandoned animals to receive the care they deserve. For them, being lathered up and resting under the warm, soothing water can be absolute paradise.

The adorable little foster puppy featured in the clip below is one of those animals who has never experienced something like this before. When he’s given the opportunity to rest in gentle hands and soak up the H20, he’s immediately even more relaxed than he already was. You can tell bath time is one of his favorite things just by the look on his face. Watch how he closes his eyes when the water hits just the right spot. This pup could be massaged all day long!

Being in the right hands can be incredibly crucial for the development and sanity of foster animals like this one. Just knowing that somebody cares and wants to take care of you brings about a great sense of security and stability that we sometimes take for granted as humans. This puppy is never going to take bath time for granted, though. Look how much he enjoys it!

Have you ever seen a dog so calm and relaxed before? This is such a beautiful moment. Be sure to send the video to your family and friends to give them a smile. Then, leave your thoughts in the comment section down below!