An adorable tiny puppy met a small baby goat. When you see them meet the first time? Cute.

It’s always hard to ignore the playful yelps of puppies, especially when they are such a young age. It appears as though, the less they are able to take care of themselves, the more we feel inclined to care and nurture. This has been seen in many instances and ranges. Not only from a difference in species but also a difference in duration or length of time. Yet, all the words in the world won’t be able to describe the warm feeling that seems to overcome when hugging a puppy. The feel of their coat against your skin, or the comfort of their cuddles. Some things are just too hard to pin down. We don’t have the words to describe the feeling or thought or experience to the degree it deserves.

Goats on the other hand seem to have made a comeback from their previous image. There has been a stereotype of goats being not the cleanest, maybe making disgusting noises or just able to eat anything without it bothering them. Now-a-days-, I feel as though the popular misconception has changed, and goats aren’t looked down on as they used to be. I don’t think I’ve seen a single video with a goat that hasn’t been cute as all heck.

These two different animals are cute in their own respects, but the things they are similar on really lead us to love them. When you see the first meeting between a four-month-old pup and a four-day old goat, I’m sure you’ll understand what I mean.

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