This adorable toddler finds his dad’s wood chopping to be absolutely hilarious

Children kind find humor in some of the most unexpected things. They form completely unique perceptions of the world that change as they grow older and discover more and more about their surroundings. They might not completely understand things the way we do, but they certainly develop their own understandings of their observations.

Sometimes, this means the most mundane tasks become the funniest things to witness. It can be refreshing to hear children laugh at the most ridiculous things because it reminds us of life’s sweet simplicity. It’s nice to take a moment and giggle at the little things here and there, leaving our worries behind us and taking in the moment as it presents itself. Children are certainly better at that than most humans are, and we’re grateful for their ability to find joy in the otherwise boring moments.

When this little kid watches his dad chop wood, he can’t help but burst into a fit of giggles! There’s nothing more hysterical to this child than the art of wood chopping, and he wants the world to know just how funny he thinks it is. Good thing he was there to make his dad laugh during the otherwise intense process, because that looks like hard work!

Could this kid be any cuter? Look at his outfit. He seems to be preparing for a career as a lumberjack himself with his adorable flannel and autumn ensemble! This is bound to be the sweetest video you’ll see all week. You don’t want to miss out on this cutie’s fun-loving laugh!

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