This Adorable Toddler Is Painting With The Help Of Her Friend!

The huge amount of dog videos online is a testament to the infinite kindness and patience of dogs towards their human friends. Quite frankly I am not sure what we did as species to deserve the everlasting, unconditional, friendship of dogs. Even with babies dogs are supremely gentle and easygoing. The video below is a perfect example of baby and canine interaction. As you may imagine it’s an absolutely adorable video!

This little toddler featured in the clip below is playing along with her doggie best friend by her side! She is a very artistic little one,  she is having a blast painting! Creating her first masterpieces, however the most singular and crucial aspect of her visual style accomplished has to do with the tools she uses to paint. You won’t believe what she uses as a brush!

She is very nonchalantly using her pal’s tail to do the brush-strokes of her very important painting. Her dog is very calm; you can tell he really doesn’t mind being a part of her creative process! The great Dane patiently waits for the little Picasso to finish her wroke!

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