Adorable triplets line up at the end of the hall – then their mom captured this on video!

Here’s one new mom who might well have invented a new, Olympic sport! And it will have you howling with laughter!

The proud mom of three adorable baby boys knows exactly how to keep them entertained at dinner time as she lines up their baby bottles at the end of the hall. On your marks, get set – GO! And they’re off! The delightful trio then begin to army crawl towards their ever-encouraging mom and the prize that awaits – feeding time!

Brandon, Christian and Aiden are the triplet brothers, all with a strong desire to be first in the race, no doubt starting many years of healthy sibling rivalry. It appears to be all their idea too, as all mom does is leave the bottles at the end of the hall and shout words of encouragement to race to them. We doubt the boys are old enough to really understand what’s going on – but it certainly makes meal times more fun for mom – and everyone watching!

Brandon takes an early lead with his brothers trying desperately to catch up. But we use the term loosely, as babies that age can get so easily distracted. It’s tough being an athlete with other things on your mind – and this is exactly what happens to Christian, who decides that a piece of paper is far more nutritious than whatever is on the menu today! Stopping to shove it in his mouth just might cost him the title!

But to be honest – it was over before it had begun. Brandon shows his athletic prowess and pedigree with an astounding surge for the finish line, but then can’t quite make up his mind which bottle to choose. He quite possibly wants them all! Winning has clearly gone to his head! What a shame – he was so young!

Bringing up the rear is Aiden, who doesn’t really seem that bothered and is perfectly content and patient in allowing his brothers to choose their bottles first. What a sportsman! They’re all winners to us, and their mom of course – who even played the “start the races” tune as the video soundtrack! This will be a hilarious family video for them all to enjoy in years to come– perhaps when the brothers are getting ready for sports day? And maybe when he’s running the 200 metres, Christian won’t stop to eat a bit of paper! Enjoy the race of the decade in the video below.