Adorable wolf pup tries to howl for the first time

Baby wolf’s attempt at making his first howl

The Voyageurs Wolf Project which is aimed at monitoring the wild wolves in the Minnesota woods gives us a different perspective for interacting with nature.

With the trail cameras they’ve placed strategically in the woods, they’re able to capture such magical moments as this cute wolf pup letting out its first howl.

At only four weeks old, the tiny wolf pup is seen howling for the very first time. This is certainly not something you’d get to witness if there were people around.

You get to see the wild wolves in their element without any human presence in the vicinity. The firsthand interaction with nature.

Baby wolf’s attempt at making his first howl

This adorable wolf pup is seen embracing its wolf traits by learning how to howl at such a tender age, finally finding its voice.

The pup seems to be savoring the moment as he repeatedly lets out his adorable howls. You can tell that he’s really enjoying the feel of it.

With more than half a million views, we can tell that we’re not the only ones who have been enjoying these cute wolf videos. We can’t wait to see what magical moment will be captured next.

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