Adorably Confident 4 Foot Salesman Has His Work Cut Out for Him! Cuteness Overload In 3, 2, 1…

Forget about watching shows like “Mad Men” on TV. The future is bright with the star of this video. He’s going to be the next Don Draper. Next up on AMC: “Mad Kids.” The video shows a two-year-old boy ringing someone’s doorbell and trying to sell him anything from magazines to life insurance. He’s got the most adorable delivery, and he does NOT take no for an answer. If places hired people like this, I might consider… well, actually, no, since I don’t condone child labor.

The little guy’s enthusiasm about acting is very evident from the get-go. He’s determined to get every line right, no matter what. His method acting could use just a bit of work, but he’s very advanced for a two-year-old. I wonder how good Robert DeNiro was when he was two. The guy who plays the man opening the doorbell is decent too, though his deadpan delivery needs just a bit of work.

It’s a fun family-made video – you have to stick around through the bloopers. They are quite hysterical. It’s fun when I see videos like this. Parents and kids just being creative together. More families should do this sort of thing. An activity like that would be much better for family-bonding than just sitting around a dinner table looking at tablets or phones… unless they are all working on editing a video that they just shot together. Then that’s cool.

Who knows? We may look back at this video decades from now when this now-grown kid is accepting an Oscar. He’ll look at the camera and say, “I’d like to thank my parents, who got me started in acting way back when I was two. It was a five-minute video, and their willingness to let me scratch my acting itch led me here…” The possibilities are endless.

I was in love with this video from the very opening seconds. How about you? Let us know in the comments below!

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