Adventurer Goes To Alaska To See Mink Up Close. I Was Smitten When It Appeared.

I love seeing animals up close and personal. There’s an environmental center not too far from where I live and I relish the chance to see everything from giant turtles to birds to bearded dragons up close. There are even ferrets there, and it’s a hoot to see them run around. They are so social! Though they don’t beat the mink, which is the subject of this video. What a playful fellow!

We see a man named Coyote Peterson, who is in Alaska. He talks about it being difficult finding animals in the wild – he even puts his hand in a grizzly bear print, which is the point that I would be calling for an airplane to get me out of there. So, he heads to an animal sanctuary, where he meets up with a really Earthy fellow named Steve Kroschel. It’s at this sanctuary that he meets his target – a mink.

First of all, I think “Coyote Peterson” is a perfect name for a wilderness expert. It’s got an Indiana Jones vibe to it. He’s a great host and I had a blast watching him interact with both the mink and Kroschel, who is a treasure unto himself. Just seeing that mink scurry around and play-bite Peterson was a hoot. It made me want to go to Alaska just to see something like that up close and personal.

It also made me feel bad that these minks are hunted for coats. I love animals and I do remember my mother having a mink coat a long, long time ago. She didn’t wear it after I got into animal activism though. There’s so much non-animal material out there that we don’t need to kill these to make clothes. We don’t live in the pre-Industrial era any more. Let’s enjoy these animals for play, not clothes.

Have you ever had any interactions with a mink or an animal in the weasel family? We’d love to hear any stories you might have. Leave a comment!

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