Adventures in live television: when a dog says “We interrupt this program…”

Live television: there are a thousand things that can go wrong, some of which are impossible to anticipate. Nevertheless, professional television crews are incredibly good at making sure everything goes smoothly. It’s easier in a TV studio than out in the field, of course, but even indoors, there can be surprises — but usually not in the form of an animal!

In the early years, nearly all television was live. This was in keeping with traditions inherited from radio but it also had to do with cost. A few shows were captured on movie film and then the film was later broadcast, but they were the exception, not the rule. Videotape came along later in the 1950s, but it was extremely expensive. But since the 1970s, it’s was mostly just news reports and morning shows that continue to be broadcast live.

There’s a rich history of live TV mishaps. Perhaps the most storied is 1968’s “Heidi Game.” The New York Jets and Oakland Raiders were playing one of the most epic games in football history, but it was running late. Network executives insisted that the movie “Heidi” had to start on time, and so it did, just before Oakland scored two touchdowns, winning the game in dramatic fashion. There have been many other incidents, involving unexpectedly foul-mouthed guests, misbehaving members of the public, wardrobe malfunctions, and much more.

A news anchor at the Russian channel MIR 24 had to deal with an unexpected canine visitor. A sudden, loud bark made her laugh nervously and look behind her. Then she gasped when a black Labrador jumped up at her. There was some more nervous laughter and then she froze for several seconds, not quite knowing what to do. Although this is the kind of thing that makes her a cat person, the news anchor did at least give the dog a hug and a pat on the head.

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