This Advertisement For A Bank In Thailand Made Me Cry Like A Baby! Watch This Dog’s Touching Story.

It’s very common for big brands to use marketing campaigns and advertisements that try to trigger our emotions in order to convince us of something. In this regard, few countries are as known as Thailand for their incredibly touching and tearful commercials. We brought one of the more recent Thai ads that has been going viral recently, and it will make tears flow from your eyes in no time, especially if you’re a dog lover. It received more than 2 million views in the first month it was posted!

The commercial for a big Thai Bank shows us the story behind a woman who grew to become a veterinarian. We see her remembering the time when she was just a little girl, and she was very scared of a local dog in her neighborhood, Olieng. She was scared of him because she thought he was ruthless, but he actually was only being protective of his owner. The old woman who took care of him eventually passed away, and the girl adopted Olieng to give him a chance for a new life and so that he could be in peace. It looks like everything is happy at the end, and all of a sudden, what happens next left me crying uncontrollably!

Enjoy this emotional and intense commercial right below!

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