After A Car Crash She Was Left For Dead, When Suddenly A Stray Dog Miraculously Does THIS!

When Shannon Lorio was admittedly speeding along a local rural road, she suddenly found herself in a heap of tangled metal and in need of medical help. She had fishtailed off of the road and was out of sight from the other drivers. She was certain she would be left to die amidst the rubble. That’s when a stray dog happened upon her situation and miraculously pulled her to safety.

Lorio was in and out of consciousness, but was finally able to wrap her arms around the dog’s neck and pull herself upright to flag a car down for help. From there she was taken to the hospital where she recovered, and is fortunate enough to retell her remarkable story today. The stray dog, aptly named “Hero,” was adopted by a search and rescue trainer where he is currently honing his natural instincts in order to hopefully help more people like Shannon in the future.

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