After A Muddy Day Outside, These 4 Pups Calmly Wait Their Turn To Get A Paw Wash

Golden retrievers are known for their easy-going nature, making them the perfect family pet. As these four pups demonstrate in this adorable video, they’ll even submit to a light paw washing after a long day spent outside.

After these pooches spend a day in the sun, they have, understandably, gotten their paws a little muddy. And, as this owner knows, pawprints tracked throughout the house are no easy mess to clean up.

So this dog-lover devises an ingenious plan to help her puppies get clean. First, she has them all stand single file in front of her impromptu paw scrubbing station. Then the real fun starts.

As each dog patiently waits its turn to get washed, we can hardly contain ourselves at the cuteness overload. And the only thing more adorable than their dignified poses is the little shake each pup delivers after a paw wash well done.