After A Year In Africa, Mother Returns To Surprise Daughter

Fourteen months is a very long time to be away from home, but the loving family of serving military members press on, living their lives to the fullest while forever longing, hoping, and waiting for their dearest to come back home. It’s always a heartwarming experience to witness the return of a soldier but even more so when it’s an extra special surprise like at this young girl’s school concert.

Her pride could only have been elevated at this seasonal celebration and showcase of youthful talent as she realized that it was not only her esteemed community and friends on looking but also her mother, who was finally returning from fourteen months of deployment. As her teacher began to explain the reunion that was taking place, Aubrey’s realization sunk in, leading her to run into her mother’s arms.

This beautiful Central Indiana reunion between a serving military mother stationed in Africa for over a year and her daughter Aubrey Hinton is a truly heartwarming experience. Nothing can begin to define the overflowing emotion and sheer joy seen on the face of this young schoolgirl as her end-year concert became even more special thanks to her caring colleagues.