Aged Elephant Waits In The Same Spot For 3 Weeks. Now Watch Who She Waits For…

As you probably know already by other elephant videos that we’ve shared before, these beautiful creatures are famous all around their world for their kindness and their naturally social personalities. They form deep bonds amongst themselves in their herds, and when held in captivity with other animals (in a proper and healthy way), they can become the best of friends with animals you’d never expect!

There’s one particular elephant in an animal sanctuary in Tennessee who is quickly becoming famous online for his adorable relationship with a dog. Her name is Tarra, and she’s an Asian elephant who has been friends with Bella, a dog who lives in the elephant sanctuary, and who acts as a sort of “sheepdog” for them (elephantdog just doesn’t have the same ring to it).

They have been friends for almost 10 years now, and their happiness was abruptly put to a halt when Bella suffered a bad back injury, which put her in bed for a good while. The video below shows how Tarra faithfully waited for her friend, and tried to look at her from outside her window to check on her.

Watch this heart-melting animal friendship in the video below, and don’t forget to get some napkins first!

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