They say dynamite comes in small packages and this little girl is proof

Hitting the high notes and celebrating the “Symphony” that is life, Angelica Hale is a true inspiration. This pint-sized powerhouse will amaze you with her vocal ability.

This adorable 10-year-old singer, hailing from Atlanta, Georgia will blow your mind and steal your heart with this stunning performance.

Angelica opened the finale of the twelfth season of America’s got talent with a bang. Her rendition of “Symphony” by Clean Bandit brought the crowd to its feet and left the judges in awe.

Hale hits the stage with the presence of a seasoned veteran, exuding confidence, passion and a range beyond belief. Seriously, you won’t believe the notes this little girl can hit!

Accompanied by string musicians in silhouette and a pyrotechnic display accentuating the number’s climax, Angelica shines brighter than her gold sequin dress.

Heidi Klum, started off the judge’s comments, declaring: ‘Oh my gosh you are only four feet tall, but you are a giant! Unbelievable!’

Even Simon Cowell, well-known for being the toughest critic in the competition, said he was “gobsmacked” and gave the adorable performer a standing ovation.

It’s so impressive when watching these talent competitions, to hear these big voices coming from such little contestants. It’s an absolutely spectacular performance that will give you chills. You really just have to see it for yourself.

Angelica, a bright and talented young Filipino-American, has a touching story and is truly an inspiration. You see, at the age of 4, she got very sick. Her parents were beside themselves as their sweet little girl had to undergo extensive medical testing and hospitalization for bacterial pneumonia.

Pneumonia caused the fragile child’s body to go into septic shock, causing the failure of multiple organs. Imagine what a terrifying experience that must have been for her & her family. Angelica’s own mother, Eva ended up Saving her own child’s life by being the perfect match for a much-needed kidney transplant.

After recovering, Angelica began taking singing lessons. She was feeling better and didn’t want to waste any time pursuing her dream to become a singer. After putting in hard work on lessons and practicing around the clock, Hale began competing in and winning children’s vocal competitions.

Angelica now uses her powerful voice to help other children fighting for their lives. Partnering with charitable organizations such as the Make A Wish Foundation and the Children’s Miracle Network, she performs at fundraisers and helps raise awareness.

Passionate fans on YouTube are abuzz over this breathtaking rendition. “One word to describe her voice; UNBELIEVABLE. And one word to describe her; AMAZING!”, comments one fan.

“The chills I get from this video are insane! Angelica has the most beautiful young voice I have ever heard!”, says another.

Check out this pint-sized powerhouse and prepare to be amazed at her incredible vocal ability. Be sure to comment below and tell us what you think about this inspiring young performer.