Simon Cowell’s phone sets off shocking chain reaction, audience can’t look away

The startling act known as “Hamster Wheel” auditioned before the judges and blew almost everyone away on America’s Got Talent, Season 13 as seen on Tuesday, July 10, 2018. Judge Heidi Klum was the party-pooper as usual.

These kind of performances are very underrated. People put so much work into these acts, more so than other numbers. The amazing display you are about to watch is not easily formatted for a talent show, but man, oh, man do they pull it off and big time with their “chain reaction” machine. Heres how it works:

You might remember the board game called “Mouse Trap” where one tiny event triggers a sequence of reactions. That’s exactly what they did here. They said they took 300 hours to build this device which was triggered when Simon called Tyra’s cell phone (which they had placed inside their reaction device. When the phone vibrates, it begins an amazing sequence of events involving golf balls, a swinging microphone, a wine glass, balloons, and blocks.

The audience loved it, but some of the judges were not impressed: “I found it very boring, I’m sorry guys,” said Heidi.

Personally speaking, I think Heidi’s has no sense of wonder. She shouldn’t be a judge. She’s too hard to impress and what does impress her, seldom impresses us. We are continuously disappointed by her calls, but alas, sometimes you need that sense of conflict for ratings, but still. These guys put 300 hours into setting up their act and she says it’s “boring”. Ok, well, you can’t satisfy everyone I guess.

The other judges were different. At the beginning of the act, Mel Be was a little ambivalent, but with the audience’s encouragement, she was won over. “I have to respect the number of hours you put on this work,” she said thus ensuring the necessary votes needed to pass the audition along with Howie’s and Simon’s votes. We will be seeing more of “Hamster Ball” again in the future.

Final thoughts: Granted, this is not “singing and dancing”, but it IS a lot of work and a lot of effort. You also can’t deny it’s educational. Any younglings with technical proclivities will most certainly be inspired. How knows what they will invent in the future. So, watch and pass this video along to a friend when you’re done. Not only is this act a breath of fresh air, it’s also very inspiring for young and old minds alike.  Now watch and enjoy!