70 Children Sing a Song That’ll Make the Worst Day Better

This is one of those rare acts on ‘America’s Got Talent’ that just opens your heart and you instantly feel those warm-and-fuzzies. 

The children’s choir Voice of Hope is made of 70 talented children ages 5 to 17, who came together Tuesday night to perform an incredibly inspirational rendition of “Defying Gravity” from the musical Wicked.

As the children sang and the camera panned across the happy faces of not only the singers but the judges, too, you could definitely feel the warm-and-fuzzies with this uplifting piece. The chimed in:

Howie Mandell was up front and said, “In this time we live in now, we look for these moments that are uplifting. You make us feel good. I think America will agree with me.”

Heidi quipped, “I thought it was wicked. You bring so much joy to the stage.” These are the reasons we love having Heidi on the show. She’s a gem.

Judge Mel had just one small point of contention and was not afraid to share it, “The timing was a little bit off but you do bring joy and make people feel warm and fuzzy. I liked it.”

Normally cranky Simon surprised everyone and deviated from his usually cankerous and hard-to-please self by splitting with Mel, saying, “None of that matters. What matters is who you are. This is the kind of act I love seeing do well on AGT.  You are so far my favorite act of the night.”