AGT singer climbs on judges’ table in incredible shock rock performance

Over the years, some of the most entertaining moments on tv have been on ‘America’s Got Talent.’ The variety of performances and the level of original talent rival any show on tv.

This video features 5 amazing auditions from AGT. The montage starts with a brother duo that tries to perform magic. They are purposely doing lame tricks that go wrong. The audience laughs along, but Simon Cowell doesn’t seem to get the bit.

The fun continues with the following clip from the self-proclaimed ‘1st Gay Boy Band’ known as ‘The Other Direction.’ They sing a hysterical song about loving a woman, but ‘not like that.’ Their performance brings the house down!

Next up, a father and daughter duo try to break a weird world record by smashing 72 walnuts on his backside in 30 seconds. Heavy metal music plays, and he prepares himself. He bounces across the stage using his right buttock to crush the walnuts. It’s more exciting than it sounds. He ends up breaking the record with 79 walnuts crushed!

The stage lights up with the 70s vibe brought by ‘Johnny Showcase,’ who performs about the intricacies of marriage channeling his inner Marvin Gaye. Next, Howie Mandel welcomes Bonavega, who has flames painted over his eyebrows and wears a robe to enter the stage.

He begins to remove the robe revealing a sequined onesie. The audience freaks out for the outfit. He travels off stage to climb the judges’ table and parades in front of every one of them. They are stunned by his close-up performance. He closes by soloing on an electric guitar.

The whole bit gets him a standing ovation as the audience awards his intensity. Simon Cowell was so amazed he said, ‘This was fun. I’m going to remember you.’ AGT is a show that always surprises the viewers with new talent and wild performances. These 5 auditions will entertain you for sure!

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AGT singer climbs on judges\' table in incredible shock rock performance