Israeli ‘psychic’ walks onstage. Suddenly everyone is roaring with laughter

Israel has produced many internationally well-known mentalists and psychics… from Uri Geller to Lior Suchard. It is an ancient land of many mysteries and unexplained phenomena too numerous to list.

So when this young mentalist from Israel auditioned for America’s Got Talent, we were expecting to be blown away, and we were not disappointed, and neither will you be when you watch his audition video below. First, learn more about this amazing act that appeared on America’s Got Talent last Tuesday.

Lioz Shem Tov may call himself a mentalist, but his true talents seem to be in making people laugh. The Israeli performer appeared on America’s Got Talent Tuesday night, bringing his very unique act all the way from Tel Aviv.

Shem Tov explains to the panel that his greatest mental superpower is “telekinesis”. That is the power to move objects with the mind. Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howie Mandel were skeptical, and indeed were not exactly convinced, but the eventually became true believers, as will you when you watch his video.

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Unfortunately, Heidi Klum (as usual) was a party pooper and made the first down vote. Then came Simon, but he soon realized he made a mistake and stopped the show to ask the technicians to change his vote. Yes, this Israeli is was good enough to get Simon to change his mind and that says something.

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Side note: Shem Tov is no stranger to reality TV. Earlier this year he appeared on ‘Israel’s Got Talent’ with a similar winning act, so we were fairly confident the performer had this one in the bag and we were right. Will the magical Israeli do better across the ocean? Tune-in to America’s Got Talent to find out.

We will be seeing more of Mentalist Shem Tov and his amazing psychic abilities soon. Now watch and behold the power of his mind and be amazed.