Aircraft Company Gives Rescued Dogs A New Life By Training Them To Detect Bombs! It’s Amazing!

Life in animal shelters and rescue centers can be very difficult for stray dogs that were rescued. While this type of facilities give them a chance to be fed and secured, waiting for someone to give them a permanent home, not everyone makes it. Hundreds of dogs are put to sleep every year because the shelters don’t have the resources to keep them all. Thankfully, there are also many programs that exist to give these dogs an opportunity to get a new life and a purpose outside of the dangers of street life and shelters.

The aircraft manufacture company Boeing made a very simple and effective program to rehabilitate and train rescued dogs so that they can have a new purpose and better life, and so that we could all have more security ourselves! Their staff, such as Melissa Larsen, who talks in the video, pick out the best candidates at animals shelters and introduces them to the program after adopting them, and the best part? The program basically consists of living with other dogs and playing fetch using cans with special odor in them!

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