Airlines Refuse To Fly Marine’s Dogs Home, What This Stranger Does Next Leaves Him in Awe

We feel moved whenever we or someone we know reaches out and helps us in our time of need, but when a total stranger does it, it leaves us speechless. To have someone who doesn’t know us open their hands and wallets to solve our problem is something you can never forget. Even if it’s just a piece of advice, agrees to listen to our problems or makes us smile, all those actions get embedded inside us and never leave our minds.

This is something that U.S. Staff Sgt. Andrew Morales and his family experienced firsthand. While he was in service protecting our country from Afghanistan three years ago, he came across a couple of stray puppies, brothers from the same litter, two Anatolian Shepherds, which he named Dusty and Wyatt. The two were adopted by Morales and he quickly bonded with his new pups.

These breed of dogs are your best friends in the Afghan battlefield, they have gone through a lot of very bad things, looking at their ears and tails, it’s evident that it is so, “…from what I understand, Afghans cut them off for fighting.”

Morales called several airlines to see where they might take his dogs, he checked with each one, but when they found out the size of his dogs, they were quick to tell him they could not fly them. Apparently, Dusty and Wyatt were just too large to be flown on a commercial flight.

Morales didn’t what to do next. He was not going to lose his dogs, but as the time to leave for North Carolina drew closer, it appeared as if he would not have any other choice but to leave his adopted friends in California. The rescue league who aided Morales in bringing Dusty and Wyatt to the U.S. took their struggle to Facebook asking for help to whoever could for the soldier and his family. Amazingly one person did answer that plea, and it was none other than Helen Rosburg.

Helen Rosburg is the great-granddaughter of William Wrigley, the man who founded the Wrigley Chewing Gum company, and heiress to one of the largest fortunes in the world. Helen is also known for being an animal lover.
“He was going to lose his dogs and I said, ‘Not on my watch,’” Rosburg said to ABC Affiliate WWAY. “He’s a hero on so many different levels. The Wrigley’s are an extremely patriotic family, and I am a true Wrigley child.”