Alabama’s Hit Single “Song Of The South” Reminds Us How America Was Rebuilt From The Ashes

Alabama’s number one single “Song Of The South” is as recognizable today as it was almost thirty years ago when it was released. Many of us can sing a few lines of the song, after just hearing the title.

The song itself is a commemoration of the Great Depression, and the men, women, and children who worked so hard just to survive. Many people sacrificed everything, including their lives, in an effort to rebuild the nation after we’d lost so much.

Alabama wasn’t the first to record “Song Of The South”, though their version is the most well known. In fact, it had been released three times before, but hadn’t found much success. The original writer, Bob McDill, had enjoyed a number of hit songs in his songwriting career, but this Southern Gem took a while to find the right performer.

When Alabama released their version, it went straight to number one, making this their third consecutive chart topping single, and their 24th overall. The song tells the story of a depression-era family of cotton farmers. Their trials and travails culminate in the loss of their mother, but they later found better fortunes when they moved to the city.

Watch the iconic video for Alabama’s “Song Of The South” below!

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