These Alaskan Malamutes Thought It Was A Typical Evening, But ONE WORD Made Them Go BONKERS!

Dogs are very social animals and they love being part of a group, well most of them anyway. This is why they are happy to see you, to be near you and love the bond of unity and togetherness with their human family.

Once they feel like they belong, they form an everlasting bond that will amaze any one. Certain breeds feel that unity even more than others, like the pair of Alaskan Malamutes who are featured in this video. Watch how excited they get when they hear the word Grandma spoken by their human mum!

They are so adorable! These huge pooches look strong enough and menacing enough to bring down the strongest human, but one word from their human can make them go into a complete tizzy! Watch how excited they get, peering out of the windows, all for a glimpse of their beloved grandma… And when they catch her scent, they follow it to the bedroom upstairs where they get to meet their favorite person!

Do your pets get excited at the name of a person you know? Have stories to share? Send in your thoughts on this video and also how special your grandma is to you in the section below.

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