These Albatrosses Have An Important Message To Tell You Through Their Death.

In the North Pacific Ocean, there is an island that is more than 2000 miles away from any continent. This is Midway Island and is home to 60-70% of the world’s albatrosses. This island sounds like the perfect home for the albatrosses and it is, but there is one ugly truth about the island. Check out the video and find out.

Sadly, Midway Island collects over 100 lbs of garbage on its shores every week. It is estimated that an albatross on Midway can have up to 50% of its digestive track filled with plastic. The sight of all the albatrosses dead, decaying with plastic inside of them was heart wrenching.

We need to stop polluting. It’s not only affecting the environment but also the animals. Pass on the message by sharing this video!

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