Alena Tries Her Best to Order Ice Cream, As Bully’s Taunt and Tease Her! These Folks Aren’t Having It!

There are many people in the world who go through their everyday lives with something less or sometimes more than everyone else. Some are hard of hearing or deaf, some have nervous tic’s, others speech impediments. No one is better than anyone, we are all equal. It’s not a matter of being right, wrong, or somewhere else entirely. They aren’t better, they aren’t worse-they just think different. They act different or have different quirks. Having or not having communicational hurdles- that doesn’t matter. Show you aren’t a robot, try to empathize with their situation. I’m sure you’ll find a lot more things that are similar rather than dissimilar.

Alena is an actress who decided to star in a television should called “What Would You Do?” The premise of the show is to put people in situations that they may not feel the most comfortable in. Then, with a group of hired actors or actresses, instigate some sort of clash or pick on a social stigma or injustice that happens often. Then see if people not in on the act try to stop the groups abusive behavior. Or see if someone stands up the group and nips the behavior in the bud.

The episode was about a woman, Alena, ordering ice cream. A group of three or four behind her taunting and teasing her. The group being impatient and annoying, making fun of Alena to quite a serious degree. The sad reality, Alena says, she has experienced in her private life. Bullied and mocked by kids with low self-esteem who show how callous they can really be.

The most amazing part? Alena has a secret that not many people know…
Wowzah, that filled me with a bit of anger followed by clapping. Those strangers are so awesome standing up for her. That’s what you should do.
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