After Being Alerted By His Heroic Dog, A Dad Saved His Kids From Being Trapped! WHOA

After paying rent for their whole life, the Lewis family finally gets a home for themselves. It might not be the fanciest or prettiest house you can find, but to have something that you can fully call your own is incomparable. It’s a great step forward because, once you have your own home, you can use the money you would’ve spent paying rent on developing a more complete lifestyle.

As Walter, the family dad tells us, the house was in very bad shape when they got it, but they were determined to work it through and make it their own personal home. But they never expected things to turn out like this!

One fateful night, when he was getting a glass of water, he noticed the family dog acting very weird. He kept running up and down the stairs, clearly wanting to tell his Dad something. Rock, as the 5 years old bulldog was called, was in clear distress, but Walter certainly wasn’t expecting the harsh truth. The kids had gotten trapped inside! If it wasn’t for this courageous dog, who knows what might have happened?

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